We often say and often hear the term “natural stone”, but if you ask, what are natural stones? There is a 90% chance that your answer will be wrong. In fact, natural stone can be divided into six categories according to the material, not only the familiar marble and granite, but also sandstone, slate, limestone, and others. Of the remaining four categories, limestone is the most familiar. Talking about limestone, you may feel strange, but if you show the carving of limestone, you will feel familiar, and suddenly realize, it turns out that what you saw before was limestone carving.

Share with you the delicate limestone carvings of the carvings.

These limestone carvings, delicate carvings, a flower and grass, carved beams and paintings, eyebrows… All of them are delicate, vivid, and expressive, all of which make people marvel at the exquisite craftsmanship of the old craftsmen.