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Dry-hanging stone process method

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The Chinese handicraft monograph "Examination of Work" once recorded: "The sky is somewhere in time, the earth is airy, the material is beautiful, and the work is coincidental. From earthen walls to red and blue bricks From cement walls to stone rice walls What is a dry hanging method of stone From ancient

Stone case | Marble creates a natural atmosphere

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Premium gray + minimalist style In Fuqing The collision of calm and breakthrough, life and freedom It inspires the free feelings of the urban aristocracy Find the most suitable lifestyle for yourself Yesterday and today, the memories are the same, return to the personal living space, and use high-grade gray combined with leather and marble

Talking about the material selection of stone curtain wall

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In recent years, with the development of the social economy and the improvement of urban appearance, stone curtain walls are favored by the majority of owners and architects in the exterior decoration of buildings, and have accounted for a considerable proportion of existing buildings. Moreover, the height of the stone curtain wall application is getting

Is the longer the length of the stone line better? Proper segmentation is important and should be taken very seriously

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The stone decoration and decoration of buildings all over the world, from high-end buildings, municipal squares, banks, and other places, to small family residential communities seem to have an inextricable and close relationship with stone products. The stone decoration and decoration of buildings use a variety of stone products to decorate, and the amount of

What kind of stone is limestone? What are the characteristics of limestone?

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Limestone belongs to natural limestone, which is formed by the impact and fusion of rock chips, shells, corals, and other marine life under the seabed hundreds of millions of years ago, and finally formed after long-term crust collision and extrusion, with gray, gray, gray, yellow, light red, brownish red and other colors. Limestone also enjoys

Admire the top waterjet inlay craftsmanship

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The perfect combination of exquisite waterjet processing and design aesthetics makes this work unforgettable. Natural stone often lacks artistic design, only looking at the raw materials can only glimpse the texture and color, and cannot see the depth of connotation culture. From raw materials to exquisite works of art, it is the crystallization of people's

Snowflake white marble processing these things to pay attention to!

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Marble has been widely used in decoration since ancient times because of its beautiful color, unique luster, beautiful pattern without repetition, stable physical and chemical properties, and easy care. With the steady improvement of China's economic strength, the public's requirements for working and living environments are getting higher and higher, and the use of marble

Common sense of stone selection: a necessary knowledge guide for stone people

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Stone is widely used in decoration, and its main difference compared to other decoration materials lies in its properties of natural minerals. From color, texture, and construction to material acquisition, etc., stone has unique conditions, so certain skills are required when selecting and applying. In general, the following aspects should be considered when choosing stone:

Protecting stonecarved stones from weathering: causes and protection methods

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Stone carved stone will inevitably experience weathering during use, whether it is natural stone or artificial stone. So, how should we prevent the weathering of stone? First, let's understand the factors that cause stone weathering. Organic matter and gas interaction: Some stone carved stone surfaces often have sporangia attached to organic matter such as moss


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