Common sense of stone selection: a necessary knowledge guide for stone people

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Stone is widely used in decoration, and its main difference compared to other decoration materials lies in its properties of natural minerals. From color, texture, and construction to material acquisition, etc., stone has unique conditions, so certain skills are required when selecting and applying. In general, the following aspects should be considered when choosing stone:

Protecting stonecarved stones from weathering: causes and protection methods

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Stone carved stone will inevitably experience weathering during use, whether it is natural stone or artificial stone. So, how should we prevent the weathering of stone? First, let's understand the factors that cause stone weathering. Organic matter and gas interaction: Some stone carved stone surfaces often have sporangia attached to organic matter such as moss

From rough to decorative: an artistic transformation of stone processing

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Many people will see some beautiful marble on the hotel floor, and the walls are carved with sandstone with a strong atmosphere, which brings a noble atmosphere and classical atmosphere to the hotel. So, how are these decorative stones processed? The processing process of decorative stone is detailed below: Step 1: Sawing Sawing is the


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