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What are the common processing techniques of granite stone?

By |2023-03-24T06:35:02+00:00|Blogs|

The first is the matt process of our common granite stone: its surface is smooth, but its low degree of polishing produces diffuse reflection, no gloss can not produce a mirror effect, and there is no light pollution. Its general operation process is machine cutting. , is directly cut by a circular saw, sand saw

Talking about the Application and Significance of Stone Relief

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Stone carving is a skill with a long history in our country, and it is also a kind of culture and art. Stone relief is a kind of stone carving. It is a variety of relief patterns carved out of relief technology. It is often found in temple wall relief, relief windows, stone carving screen

How do granite composite stone panels produce?

By |2023-03-10T07:04:51+00:00|Blogs|

First of all, select marketable high-grade granite varieties, and acquire blank tiles with a specification of 610*610mm (that is, tiles whose surface has not been polished on the shaft). 1. Sawing wool board: the granite block is processed into a wool board with a thickness of 14mm and a specification of 610*610mm on a two-way


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