These make your home tall on marble

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The pursuit of fashion and popular elements is something that most people do, and when people are pursuing Nordic style and minimalist decoration, it often leads to the home becoming cookie-cutter and featureless. So how do you make your home smart, fun, textured, and personal? We recommend you use these marble to make your home

G654 Sesame Black Granite Tombstone: Why do people love this material more and more?

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Sesame black stone belongs to granite, its color is natural and elegant, non-radioactive, firm, and water-absorbing, and has excellent thermal insulation and sound insulation performance. It has become a natural and environmentally friendly stone with its rich natural colors, which can bring a noble and elegant overall effect. No matter for exterior walls or interior

National Marble Stone Classic – Panda White

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Panda White, the color black and white It is very similar to the body color of the giant panda, a specially protected animal in my country Hence the name "Panda White" Panda White can be described as the "king of price comparison" in the stone industry panda white marble texture Suitable for home

What are the common processing techniques of granite stone?

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The first is the matt process of our common granite stone: its surface is smooth, but its low degree of polishing produces diffuse reflection, no gloss can not produce a mirror effect, and there is no light pollution. Its general operation process is machine cutting. , is directly cut by a circular saw, sand saw

Talking about the Application and Significance of Stone Relief

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Stone carving is a skill with a long history in our country, and it is also a kind of culture and art. Stone relief is a kind of stone carving. It is a variety of relief patterns carved out of relief technology. It is often found in temple wall relief, relief windows, stone carving screen

How do granite composite stone panels produce?

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First of all, select marketable high-grade granite varieties, and acquire blank tiles with a specification of 610*610mm (that is, tiles whose surface has not been polished on the shaft). 1. Sawing wool board: the granite block is processed into a wool board with a thickness of 14mm and a specification of 610*610mm on a two-way

Is calacatta marble good for kitchen countertops?

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Calacatta white marble is very suitable for bathroom vanity tops, coffee table tops, bar tops, worktops, or other custom design worktops, but not good for kitchen countertops. Calacatta marble is a type of marble often used as a countertop option due to its natural beauty and high-end look. While it can instantly elevate the look


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