Variety:  Venice brown marble
Origin: Italy
Pattern: The texture of water waves, gorgeous and bright, brown and black are intertwined, like the contrast between the color of the wave and the sun.

Style: The Seine River in the dream, with a rough surface texture of oriental elements, and the crystals that extend freely are like scattered stars scattered in it.

Venice brown marble slabs

Venice brown marble slabs

Evaluation: Venice brown lines are free and easy, magnificent, luxurious, and beautiful, without dragging mud and water, bringing a flowing space level, and the visual effect is free and full of vitality, becoming a kind of momentum and style!

Venice Brown marble, also known as the Seine River stone, has a natural and freehand texture, mysterious and generous, brown and black reflect each other, just like the winding water alleys and flowing water waves of Venice, making people gradually drunk and gradually intoxicated.

The golden ink stone tone is elegant and chic, the black and brown staggered sparkling texture is eye-catching, and the atmosphere is like a Milky Way passing through the city, flowing with a poetic and picturesque romantic atmosphere, vivid and smooth beauty, and there is a special feeling in the romance, which makes people fall in love at first sight.

The modern decoration style is becoming more and more concise and atmospheric, and the simple brown has been regarded as a “sharp weapon” for decoration.


Venice brown marble is suitable for modern style decoration, and the modern style background wall decoration focuses on simplicity, fashion, and individuality, and the texture and color of Venetian brown marble can be well integrated into this style. Through ingenious design and processing, Venetian brown marble can be put together into a background wall of various shapes and patterns to increase the layering and visual effect of the space.

Let’s take the following figure as an example, the same four different typography designs, you can get a variety of different scheme effects.

If you don’t like the pattern effect, we can also design a smooth pattern scheme, which is also a unique flavor. How about the effect of the four pieces of the big slab below?

For a sleek and modern décor, Venice brown marble can be used as a backdrop or floor material as well as countertop material, which can be paired with other modern elements to create a simple yet stylish atmosphere. Its textures and colors have a high contrast ratio, which can add a sense of depth and elegance to the whole space.