When we talk about home decoration, we often value the word decoration, and we also think that the most important thing in home decoration is to ask the construction master to decorate.

In fact, before carrying out home renovation and decoration, there is another step that is also very crucial, and that is, the selection of materials. Once you’ve decided on the overall home style, it’s time to start choosing materials. The selection of materials is not as simple as we imagined, sometimes, the materials that look beautiful are not as beautiful as imagined, but there are some strange and simple materials, and the effect after decoration is amazing. This is because when decorating, it is necessary to look not only at the materials but also at the way the materials are handled, the placement of the materials, and the matching of other materials and furniture in the interior.

Here are some stone walls that are not stunning at first glance, but are commendable when decorated.

As shown in the picture above, each kind of stone background wall is difficult to decorate at a rough glance, and you may also worry that the color and texture are too fancy and do not match the atmosphere of the space. But the actual renderings made all doubts and worries disappear. Each stone is used properly and skillfully, and the effect is naturally very good. This is the correct selection and decoration.