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EDGSTONE, based in China, is a certified manufacturer and exporter of natural & engineered stone slabs, tiles, cut to sizes, countertops, vanity tops, mosaic, water-jet medallion, carvings & monument products with 28 years of experience. We are proud for keeping supplying quality products CONTINUOUSLY, which makes us enjoy high reputation and go into more markets.

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The stone-producing work showings, from the quarry to the product packing and container loading, you may understand our stone products much easier.

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Why marble backdrop walls are labeled as expensive?


Backdrop walls are labeled expensive for several reasons: Material cost: One of the commonly used materials for background walls is marble. Marble is a high-quality natural stone with a unique texture and luster, so the

Dry-hanging stone process method


The Chinese handicraft monograph "Examination of Work" once recorded: "The sky is somewhere in time, the earth is airy, the material is beautiful, and the work is coincidental. From earthen walls to red and blue


EDG Stone Finished Projects

EDG Stone Factory has been producing and providing the best stone products to our customers for decades, whether it is home improvement, apartment construction, shopping malls, office buildings, personal high-end clubs, villas, hotels, or private customization, we have always put the best stone quality is our lowest standard all the time.

The Private Villa Project Singapore 20192022-01-10T07:28:55+00:00
The Homestay Project 20172022-01-10T07:09:07+00:00
The Macao Private Villa Project 20112022-01-10T06:40:25+00:00

Why Choose EDG Stone?

EDG Stone has been deeply involved in the stone industry for more than 20 years and has a professional team with an average industry age of more than 15 years. With rich experience in design, production, processing, packaging, transportation, and installation, we can provide the most professional and perfect stone orders In the production work, grasp every detail, and realize the expectations and expectations of customers.

Our Customers Say

“The quartz stone bathroom countertops of EDG Stone are exactly what we have been looking for, not only because of their high-cost performance but also because of their unparalleled professionalism. Thank you for your help!


Richard Xiong and his team impressed me very much because their professional work and high-quality quartz & marble stone countertop products have rejuvenated my hotel. I hope we will have more opportunities for cooperation.


Trusted Partners

After nearly 20 years of accumulation and development, our business partners are very diverse, not only limited to stone slabs & tile wholesalers and distributors but also various commercial construction companies, decoration companies, hotels, real estate, apartments, personal homes improvement, etc.

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EDG Stone team with over 28-year experience, specializing in design, fabrication, and installation of any type of stone materials for commercial and residential. Warmly welcome project purchasing manager, individual homeowners & designers, and whole sellers, etc. write us your requirement.

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