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Do you know what stone electrolysis, dyeing and rust removal are?

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Stone electrolysis has appeared in the stone industry for more than ten years and has been widely recognized by producers and consumers. This is similar to the optimization of the jade jewelry industry. It is a kind of processing that combines nature and man, enriches the variety of stones, and improves the quality of the

Causes of water leakage in dry hanging stone curtain wall

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1. Three elements of curtain wall leakage Namely pores, rainwater, and wind pressure. Therefore, the stone slabs are embedded in the gaps of the structure and the geometry, size, and exposure of the slabs, as well as the size of the rain. The pressure difference between the inside and outside of the curtain wall has

Marble window curbstones are so good-looking and durable

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For the rational use of space, bay windows have also become a place that most buyers value when buying houses. Therefore, the application of bay windows is also a way that most commercial houses are now adopting; a floating window sill shape, generally rectangular or trapezoidal, has a triangular shape that protrudes to the outside,

Stone slip can be used not only on the ground, but also on the wall

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Stone is a more popular decorative element nowadays. Nowadays, home decoration is very popular. Every part of stone home decoration appears in different shapes, such as smooth surface and matte surface. The application of the stone groove is also very significant. Broaching is a technical term for decoration, commonly known as grooves, which refers to

What are the precautions for cabinet customization?

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Furniture customization has become a trend now, and cabinet customization is no exception. More and more people choose custom cabinets. So what are the precautions for cabinet customization? 1. What kind of material is good for the customized countertop of the cabinet? The cabinet countertop is the main working area of ​​people, which directly affects

How much do you know about the development of stone lamps?

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Stone lanterns were used for decoration of Japanese gardens and courtyards since the Azuchi-Momoyama period in the late 16th century. At that time, because of the tea ceremony exhibition, stone lanterns were often used as an open-air decoration in the tea room and widely used in courtyard decoration. Cheap prices stone lamps for sale


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