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Our Advantages

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Our Advantages

EDG Stone has been working with builders, architects, contractors, designers, distributors in the whole world, our professional team provides full service of quartz stone project design, customization, processing for several key projects, such as hotels, airports, subway stops, square, villas, and interior decoration.

Well Experienced

EDG Stone is a manufacturer familiar with the thousands of stone colors, can easily recognize the stone from the pictures provided by the clients, or submit the stone color according to the designer’s requirement. Similar colors will be provided as an option. Professional layout analysis to work out the quotation in the shortest time. Or according to the rough drawings/dimensions, we will offer you the quotation based on our specialized knowledge and experience to help you get an idea of the budget. Choose us, everything goes smoothly and easily for your stone project. Over 95% customized marble and granite orders which make us know clients’ requirements better. We have done lots of five-star hotel lobby and large-scale customized marble water jet medallion design works, with rich experience. One of our strengths is that we can customize any design to size, color, and shape. Just send us copies of your inspirations and we can design the tile, stone, or marble medallion based on your sketch, photo, digital image, CAD drawing, or clip art! To get exactly the color, size, and image that matches your criteria.

Good Communication

EDG Stone has well team-conscious, has the ability to communicate and coordinate, works hard, is meticulous, and is patient. They are young, passionate, fun, experienced, helpful, hospitable, and are good friends you can trust, when doing business with us, there is nothing you can not rest assured of. These people at our company cover market-developing(sales), researching, shipping, after-sale service, etc. A professional service team and experienced QC/designers can help you make drawings and offer good quality stone goods. Learn your requirement in the shortest time, and reply by e-mail or phone within 12 hours. Also, will offer professional advice to meet your demand.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality is not only an internal commitment at Stone—it is a key service we provide to our clients. Since selecting the block, we have done the strictly quality control. Before delivery to the factory, all the stones we got must go through three complex detection steps. During processing, we will keep tracking the stone color, cracks, thickness, integrity, and polish degree. Our quality control system includes manual inspection and automatic detection by the international leading technology. Before loading, we would carry on the precision testing of some details sizes, such as Cutting, Polishing, Drilling, Packing drilling depth, pitch, edge processing point of view, and so on. In packing, we also do very detailed protection. Product packaging, spatial arrangement, and stacking are all carried out by experienced and professional arrangements to ensure that you could receive stone as same as you expect. Regarding stone products packing and loading, we also do safe way. We have a rich experienced and professional team to handle stone packing, space availability, and stacking in containers, ensure that the stones you receive and expect are the same. We have employed 16 inspectors who oversee each production stage and check piece by piece before shipment.

Our Servic

Ordering products for a project can be a daunting exercise even for seasoned professionals. A great deal is at stake with budgets in the millions of dollars. EDG Stone’s service model is to personally guide your project from inquiry to delivery with highly regarded customer service. To make you happy, we are dedicated to completing your project successfully. Our approach is to guide you through the process and make sure you have someone to talk to every step of the way. “We don’t just do products, we do projects”, This start to finish approach is encompassed in the “End-to-End Project Solution”. EDG Stone always Keeps clients informed of the latest design. Take customers’ requirements and feedback to the factory and feed customers with the latest situation in the factory timely.

Our Delivery

Our delivery — Fast, No delay, On-time
Your time is expensive, nobody can waste it. We can deliver the goods as per order.
After your confirmation, 14-25days/Container


Where is your stone factory? How can I visit you?2021-10-12T07:42:59+00:00

Our factory is located in Kuixia Industrial Zone, Shuitou Town, Nan’an City, Fujian Province, China. You are welcome to visit our factory. It is just about 50 minutes from our factory to Xiamen International Airport. And we can pick you up at the Xiamen International Airport by car.

How to deal with the problem that the tiles is laid on the ground?2021-10-12T07:42:54+00:00

Ground unevenness is a common problem in paving marble, so it is generally necessary to have mirror polishing treatment after paving.

Is the marble medallion printed or made of stone, can it be customized?2021-10-12T07:42:51+00:00

Of course it can be customized. The marble medallions are done with marble CNC machines, its cut from different colors of natural stones, and assembled by hand. Its not by print.

What is the main market for your company?2021-10-12T07:42:47+00:00

Our major market is from the USA, Canada, middle east countries. But in recent years, middle Asia, and Asia countries like Tajikistan, Cambodia, Doha, etc also increasing.

How to repair the stone crack? Will it seep after repair?2021-10-12T07:42:42+00:00

White marble can be repaired with transparent glue, other colors of marble are repaired with marble glue, and it will not be miserable after repairing.

Why is the delivery date so late?2021-10-12T07:42:38+00:00

We are cutting blocks to make it, and the polishing and carving works are done by full handmade. To confirm details with your architect takes time, our production is counted from the date of confirming.

Why is the color of the bulk goods different?2021-10-12T07:42:34+00:00

For natural stone, there is no two pieces are same to each other in the world, but that is what we want, we call it “natural beauty”. When we deliver a big amount of order, we will do assembling in factory before hand, we lay them out piece by piece to check the color changes, in this way, even there is some changes, we will minimize it. We will put similar colors to each other, and label them. In this way, even the colors change, its very smooth and gradual.

Can I get any discount?2021-10-12T07:42:31+00:00

The price is negotiable, we can offer you discount according to your order quantity,If you are buying in bulk for an order.

Are the stone Samples charge for free?2021-10-12T07:42:27+00:00

Yes, of course. Small samples are for free and you need to afford the courier fees. if you are in China, we will pay the courier fees.

Can you accept small order ?2022-06-11T12:03:29+00:00

We are very glad to accept small orders. We consider sample order as a way to build up trust. However small order will cost a bit higher depends on the item because of extra work. We hope your understanding.

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Meet Our Team

All of our management colleagues have more than 18 years of experience in the stone field, proficient in various stone engineering orders, especially marble, granite, onyx, jade, travertine, limestone products, countertops, specification boards, and various shaped products.

Richard Xiong
Richard XiongExport Director
Richard engaged in stone export business for more than 12 years, has been focusing on marble, granite, jade and artificial quartz stone products, especially kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops and various natural & engineered stone products.
John Zhang
John ZhangProduce Director
John has been working as a workshop manager for 15 years in the stone industry. He is familiar with any process in stone processing, entering the factory from raw materials, arranging production, controlling progress, managing workers, arranging shipments, etc., is a very professional Stone Factory Manager.
William Pan
William PanQC Director
William has been engaged in stone QC for more than 20 years. He has been dealing with various stones all year round. He is familiar with various properties of natural and artificial stones, and he also knows the various quality standards and requirements of customers. He has always been the last gatekeeper of our stone products.

Recent Works

We can produce and supply more than 400 different stone colors to suitable your different building projects, both in natural & engineered stone materials. The main stone products are including big slabs, tiles, cut to sizes, kitchen countertops & island tops, bathroom vanity tops, bathtub, sink, mosaic, stairs, skills, column, pillars, splash, paving stone, curbstone, mushroom, water-jet medallion, and etc.

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The Homestay Project 20172022-01-10T07:09:07+00:00
The Macao Private Villa Project 20112022-01-10T06:40:25+00:00

Expert Partners Agree

The quartz stone bathroom countertops of EDG Stone are exactly what we have been looking for, not only because of their high-cost performance but also because of their unparalleled professionalism. Thank you for your help!


Richard Xiong and his team impressed me very much because their professional work and high-quality white marble countertop products have rejuvenated my hotel. I hope we will have more opportunities for cooperation.


Trusted Partners

After nearly 20 years of accumulation and development, our business partners are very diverse, not only limited to stone slabs & tile wholesalers and distributors but also various commercial construction companies, decoration companies, hotels, real estate, apartments, personal homes improvement, etc.

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