The pursuit of fashion and popular elements is something that most people do, and when people are pursuing Nordic style and minimalist decoration, it often leads to the home becoming cookie-cutter and featureless. So how do you make your home smart, fun, textured, and personal?

We recommend you use these marble to make your home tall.

Living room

Taikoo stone paintings: the background color is beige, unevenly distributed with wave-like gray-brown lines. Rich in texture, bright in color, and excellent light transmission, it appears in the reception room and living room, allowing people to wear the sun and see dazzling scenery.

Blue Ocean: An extremely rare stone variety, its grain is clear, smooth, overall beautiful, and elegant. It is often used for the decoration of countertops and background walls. Soft colors and rich textures give the space endless imagination, making the whole space elegant and luxurious.


Black Rollent: The background color is black, the grain is simple and neat, like a straight line interspersed with it, and the thickness is harmonious so that the board surface is clean and neat, full of regularity. Used for the decoration of the indoor floor, its simple black and white tones give people a sense of stability and nobility, and its unique texture color, and bright lines, highlight the extraordinary taste and artistic accomplishment of the owner, is a study, but also an excellent choice for the reception room.


Yellow and blue tiger eye: The rectangular shape of the yellow and blue tiger eye splicing is orderly, the color and texture transition is natural, and the hard semi-precious stone hides the tiger’s eye-like changing golden light, yellow and blue change with the change of light and shadow, elusive, intriguing, people can’t help but admire its delicacy and nobility.


Impression of the plateau: The background color is black, distributed with a strong plateau color, the grain is similar to the wood grain, vividly showing the sadness and tragedy of the plateau. Its high hardness can withstand large gravity, and the black background color is not easy to be contaminated, which is the best choice for kitchen decoration.


Sea ice blue: The color is between blue and green, and the white texture is distributed in the middle of the board, which has a bright texture and good gloss. The surface has a silky vitreous luster, and the structure is similar to that of jadeite, and sometimes even replaces jadeite. Used in the bathroom, its fresh colors inject infinite vitality into the space, weaken the cold feeling in the room, and bring vitality and vitality.

Homes made of these uniquely textured marbles are full of vitality and fun, but also very distinctive, different from cookie-cutter home decoration, they come from nature, with natural textures, unique and pure. To make the home unique because he and those who live at home are unique, and because of this uniqueness, he is willing to present all the good things to them.