What is marble like in your mind? Cold to the touch? Expensive! It’s beautiful to decorate… Is it? Is that all you think about terrazzo stone?

I can’t imagine that one day, I will tell you that terrazzo stone can still be very “delicious”.

British designer Max Lamb collaborated with Materials Studio to create a complete line of black-marbled colored terrazzo stone bathroom products. He hopes that this set of products can expand people’s experience and imagination of the bathroom and change people’s stereotypes of the bathroom. So what does this set of works that want to change people’s stereotypes look like? The truth is that it’s really different!

Once this set of marbled bathroom products was exhibited, it was “loved” by many netizens. They said, “It looks really delicious”, and “It’s sesame candy bathroom furniture”… There are even netizens who saw it and recalled the black sesame peanut candy they ate as children.

Seeing this set of design works, the editor also feels inexplicably familiar, think about it, ho, isn’t it the black sesame peanut candy that the netizen said he ate as a child? I can still remember the sweet taste. In other words, such terrazzo stone furniture in the bathroom, will really not arouse people’s appetite?