Stone carving is a skill with a long history in our country, and it is also a kind of culture and art. Stone relief is a kind of stone carving. It is a variety of relief patterns carved out of relief technology. It is often found in temple wall relief, relief windows, stone carving screen walls, stone floor carvings, stone relief murals, and stone carving railing relief. And so on, adding color to a variety of spaces.

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The design of stone relief is carried out on a flat surface. If you want to show the wonderful feeling of carving, you must also consider the outer contour. You can make full use of the shape of the stone itself for subtle modeling. If the starting technique is good, it will have a more layered and three-dimensional effect.

A temple is a place where Buddhist culture is inherited, and everything here is as good as possible for thousands of years. Therefore, granite stones deposited over tens of millions of years are often selected as carving materials commonly used in temples. The main entrance of the main hall in the temple is generally a single-sided relief, which contains various traditional folk auspicious patterns and Buddhist scriptures; the walls at both ends of the temple are constructed in a prominent way to display the cultural thoughts of various temples.

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Carving various patterns can express people’s emphasis on temple culture, and it can also bring good temple architectural effects. Stone reliefs are rich in content, including animals, flowers, birds, plants, etc., as long as the desired pattern can be carved, the choice of specific patterns depends on the location, and each pattern has different meanings. For example, flowers bloom for wealth, unicorns offer blessings and give birth to children, horses reach success, pine, and crane prolong the year, dragons and phoenixes bring prosperity, etc. These auspicious patterns have beautiful meanings.

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The same is true for stone murals and stone carving railing reliefs used in other places. These stone reliefs show a vivid and prominent image, highlighting the fine stone carving craftsmanship of our country. It is worth savoring and appreciating its beauty carefully. Come to the double enjoyment of vision and touch.