The first is the matt process of our common granite stone: its surface is smooth, but its low degree of polishing produces diffuse reflection, no gloss can not produce a mirror effect, and there is no light pollution. Its general operation process is machine cutting. , is directly cut by a circular saw, sand saw or bridge cutting machine, and other equipment, the surface is relatively rough, with obvious machine-cut lines, generally, we use strong acid to corrode the surface of granite marble stone, so that the granite stone Small corrosion marks, most of the granite stone can be pickled, but the most common ones are marble stone and limestone stone, so this is also a common method for softening the luster of granite. You can also try this method.

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The technology of the lychee surface of granite stone, its surface is as rough as lychee skin, and it feels uneven when touched by hand. It uses a chisel to chisel out densely packed small holes on the surface of the granite stone.

The pineapple surface technology of granite stone looks more uneven and flat than the lychee surface processing technology, just like the fruit polo skin we usually eat.

Fire surface technology of granite stone): the granite stone is heated at high temperatures and then cooled rapidly to form a fire surface. Generally, we mainly use it for indoor floors and commercial building finishes, but the cost will be higher At least the labor cost is relatively large, so the price is more expensive.

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The chopping ax technology of granite stone, commonly known as granite longan noodles, is to chop and knock on the surface of granite stone with an axe, forming a very dense strip texture, which looks like longan skin. So it is also called natural surface, the surface is rough, but it is not as rough as the fired surface granite. This kind of operation method is mainly manual cutting or natural cracked surface granite stone in the mine.

There are also many techniques for granite stone, so whether the surface of the tumbling is smooth or the surface of the granite stone is slightly rough, the corners are smooth and broken, here I tell you that there are several ways to achieve the effect of tumbling, 20 Millimeters can be tumbled in the machine, 3 centimeters can be tumbled, and then can be brushed. The process is to scrub the surface of the stone, imitating the natural wear effect of the stone, so the effect of different processes effects is different. The place where it is used is also different.

The groove of the hook of the granite stone is to open a certain depth and width groove on the surface of the granite stone, anti-skid, etc. I believe that many of you have seen this. Where is the mushroom surface of the granite stone? It is easier to understand, that if artificial masters chisel manually, the effect is similar to natural chopping, but the sky surface of granite stone is in the shape of a plateau with a protrusion in the middle and depressions around it.

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Different processing techniques produce different needs, whether it is indoors or outdoors, or the effect of decorative surfaces, granite stone has become a leader in the stone industry, not only witnessing the progress of history but also driving the development of the construction industry. develop.