Fireplace is not only an indoor heating device, but also a kind of home decoration, let’s follow EDG Stone to see how marble makes the design of a fireplace unique.

NO.01. Minimalist
In contrast to the classical style, the modern minimalist marble fireplace pays more attention to the simplicity of the shape, because the material of the marble itself is very textured.

Therefore, at this time, the simple form makes its characteristics best reflected, and its texture will make your fireplace add a sense of modernism and orderliness.

NO.02. Classical
For classical furniture, a marble fireplace can make the space very textured, and a beautifully designed marble fireplace can make a fuss in the form of a fireplace in a classical-style living room.

The classical ornamentation and carving, combined with the marble material and its natural textures, will make the living room very different.

NO.03. Individuality
Characterized marble fireplaces are mainly used in public spaces or in luxurious private residences, designed to reflect the grandeur of marble.

The wonderful and individual forms are paired with the marble pattern to make the space very creative and artistic.