Furniture customization has become a trend now, and cabinet customization is no exception. More and more people choose custom cabinets. So what are the precautions for cabinet customization?

1. What kind of material is good for the customized countertop of the cabinet?
The cabinet countertop is the main working area of ​​people, which directly affects the senses of the cook. Everyone chooses the material of the cabinet countertops and must meet these requirements: scratch resistance, heat resistance, stain and corrosion resistance, easy to clean and maintain, and good cost performance. Under normal circumstances, the common cabinet countertops on the market are made of stone, but the stone is also divided into artificial stone and marble! If your budget is limited, you can choose artificial stone. However, if the budget is sufficient and the kitchen environment is relatively high, the cabinet countertops can be made of quartz stone, Japanese stone, and stainless steel.

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2. What is the appropriate size for the cabinet customization?
The size ratio of the cabinet has always been the focus of attention. It is the width, and the countertop of the cabinet is naturally larger and it will be more comfortable to use. Generally, the width of the cabinet countertop should be at least 40 cm. Of course, if the width can reach 80-100 cm, the countertop will be more spacious, and more things can be placed!

The second is height. The height of the cabinet is related to the comfort of our waist! The cabinet design is generally calculated according to the height of the human body, the formula is cabinet height=(height/2)+5cm; in addition, it should be noted that the washing area of ​​the cabinet needs to be located more than the cooking area The height is 5cm, which can effectively prevent water from splashing out. The height of the washing area=(height/2)+10cm.

For example, if the owner’s height is 160cm, the height of the cooking area countertop = (160/2)+5=85cm; the height of the washing area=(160/2)+10=90cm. According to this data, it can be concluded that the height of the cabinet countertop is 85-90cm** appropriate!

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3. The area division of cabinet customization is determined according to the moving line
The common cabinet shapes on the market have one-shaped, L-shaped, island-shaped, U-shaped, etc., and the cabinet work areas are generally cooking tables, washing areas, cooking areas, storage areas, and the division of these areas is mainly based on the cook Activity habits are determined. For example, according to the logic of general kitchen activities, people will first take the ingredients, then wash, then process the ingredients, and then cook. Therefore, under normal circumstances, the refrigerator will be next to the washing area, and the other side of the washing area is the cooking table and then the cooking. stove. Regardless of the shape of the cabinet, the division of the work area of ​​the cabinet must be set according to this logic!

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