Stone is a more popular decorative element nowadays. Nowadays, home decoration is very popular. Every part of stone home decoration appears in different shapes, such as smooth surface and matte surface. The application of the stone groove is also very significant.

Broaching is a technical term for decoration, commonly known as grooves, which refers to the grooves of workpieces processed by broaching methods. It can not only increase the beauty of the space, play a certain decorative effect, but also guide the flow of water and prevent slippage.

bathroom countertop granite

bathroom countertop granite stone

When it comes to stone troughs, most people think of the marble troughs in the shower room. It is indeed a special place like a shower room because a lot of water will flow to the floor when you take a bath. If the floor is made of ceramic tiles, then It becomes very smooth, and it is especially dangerous to stand on it and take a bath.

Therefore, many families do not use tiles when decorating the shower room and choose to use broaching stone.

marble or granite for stairs

marble or granite for stairs

In addition to bathrooms, broaching can also be used for stone in many places, such as stone Roman columns, stone countertops, flower troughs, or square pillars in the hall, and the broaching process can be reflected.

marble vs granite for stairs

Natural marble vs granite for stairs