Stone carved stone will inevitably experience weathering during use, whether it is natural stone or artificial stone. So, how should we prevent the weathering of stone? First, let’s understand the factors that cause stone weathering.

Organic matter and gas interaction: Some stone carved stone surfaces often have sporangia attached to organic matter such as moss and mold. These organic substances interact with carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other substances in the air to form various stains, and form organic acids with water, accelerating the aging and erosion of the stone.

Ultraviolet irradiation: Ultraviolet irradiation accelerates the evaporation rate of moisture in the pores of the stone, which in turn leads to the aging of the stone.

Freeze-thaw effect of water: When the temperature drops below zero degrees Celsius, water freezing will cause the stone to expand rapidly after absorbing water, resulting in the disintegration and rupture of the stone.

In response to these weathering factors, we can take the following protection methods:

Regular cleaning and maintenance: regularly remove organic matter and stains on the surface of the stone, use professional stone cleaners for cleaning, and deal with problems in time.

Surface protection treatment: the use of stone protective agents for surface treatment to increase the weathering resistance of the stone, and prevent organic erosion and moisture penetration.

Shading measures: Shield from direct UV rays, such as awnings or sun shields, to reduce the impact of UV rays on stone.

Freeze-thaw protection: Take measures to prevent water from entering the pores of the stone, such as paving with materials with good water permeability, to avoid freeze-thaw effects caused by moisture retention.

By adopting these protection methods, the weathering speed of stone carved stones can be delayed, their appearance and quality can be protected, and the service life can be extended. Regular maintenance and upkeep are essential to maintain the beauty and quality of the stone carved stone.