Green, the most common color in nature, represents freshness, calm, comfort, and serenity, soothing the view and leaving the mood soft and peaceful. When such a color meets marble, transformed into a sporadic texture on the marble slab, you can imagine how stunning it can be.

Green marble is unique among many marble varieties, they are a combination of nature and nature, and they are a wonderful spokesperson for freshness and elegance.

◆Ireland Green

The green of the plant is physically and mentally comfortable, occasionally white ice crystals, green and white interlaced, fresh, elegant, just like the name, after 1 billion years of precipitation, the bottom surface is a green lush, delicate and soft, refreshing and natural.

▼Decoration effect

Idyllic scenery

The green image is like a wave floating on the sea, floating on the bottom surface in a horizontal line, the so-called movement; The greenery is full of greenery, and the heart is full of a natural and comfortable feel, the so-called quiet.

▼Decoration effect


Used for wall decoration, as its name suggests, a strong sense of greenery and comfort, and leisure.


◆Country Garden

When I saw its name, I thought of the beautiful scenery of “jasper makeup, laurel shadow”, and the picture in my mind turned into a green jade-like and soft tree in front of me, which made people intuitively full of vitality, indescribably refreshing and comfortable.

▼Decoration effect

Country Garden is used for background wall decoration. The fresh and elegant textures and colors decorate the noble and elegant interior space effect.


Annual rings

The passage of time leaves beautiful traces, and the action of nature freezes time into a sporadic interlacing texture on the marble slab.

▼Decoration effect

Green is natural, and when it is combined with the stone produced by nature, it is double natural, doubly amazing. These green marbles, used in decoration, always have an indescribable refreshing and noble atmosphere.