The Chinese handicraft monograph “Examination of Work” once recorded: “The sky is somewhere in time, the earth is airy, the material is beautiful, and the work is coincidental.

From earthen walls to red and blue bricks

From cement walls to stone rice walls

What is dry hanging method of stone

What is a dry hanging method of stone

From ancient times to the present, the façade is a history of the evolution of Chinese architecture

Selection of construction technology and materials

It plays a crucial role in the quality of the building

More than just the brilliance of the new inauguration

It’s more about the quality that is worth inheriting

What is Stone Dry Hanging?

Stone dry hanging is currently in the wall decoration

A special construction process

will granite, artificial marble, and other decorative stones

Hung directly on the exterior surface of the building structure

Due to its complex process, expensive to build

Most of the stone dry hanging is mainly used in high-end buildings

Shanghai Evergrande Binjiang Mansion

How to dry hang stone curtain walls

How to dry hang stone curtain walls

Evergrande Binjiang Mansion is located in Lujiazui, Shanghai

It can be called a project comparable to Tomson’s first product

Meet the large-scale space and large-scale needs of circle habitats

Once this project was launched, it became popular all over the magic capital and sat at the peak of value

The façade of the project is made of stone dry-hung curtain wall

Simple yet magnificent, in line with the tone of the mansion

The current construction market in order to save construction costs

Most of the facades are made of traditional wet paste process and real stone paint process

granite dry hang stone

granite dry hang stone

At first glance, it looks good and cheap, but it is easy to appear

Phenomena such as hollowing, cracking, and falling off of the plate

In the future, it will be necessary to continuously invest in maintenance costs

Most of this investment needs to be borne by the owners

The stone dry-hung curtain wall has a longer service life than ordinary exterior walls

It does not need to be taken care of and reduces the maintenance cost of living for the owner

The dry hanging stone does not easily change color or appearance, and the surface is flat

It can absorb part of the wind and seismic forces

Why is dry-hanging stone a good choice

Why is dry-hanging stone a good choice

It is not prone to cracks and peeling

The texture is sturdy and durable

The stone itself is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving raw material

The layer of flowing air between the dry hanging of the stone and the insulation

It can play the role of heat insulation and heat preservation so that the living room is warm in winter and cool in summer

Reduce the frequency of air conditioning and save a lot of electricity bills for owners

Good building quality determines the value of the building

How do you Dry hang exterior wall veneer stone

How do you Dry hang exterior wall veneer stone

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for

The cost of stone dry-hanging curtain wall materials is higher than that of ordinary real stone paint

The tiled façade is many times higher

The stone dry-hung curtain wall can save maintenance costs and electricity costs

The value is obvious

Inherit the architectural aesthetics and highlight the beauty of the stone

Mingsheng Yicheng carefully selects high-reputation and high-end architectural designers

favored stone dry-hung curtain walls

How To Pay Dry Hanging Stone

How To Pay Dry Hanging Stone

The project is based on light blue, with green dotted among them

The materials are ingenious, and the layout is scientifically designed

Elegant and generous, energy-saving and environmentally friendly

Pursue the dual experience of aesthetics and function

Condense ancient and modern crafts and absorb the strengths of each family

The craftsmanship of the craftsmen is unique, combined with modern craftsmanship

Dry Hanging Method Of Marble Curtain Wall

Dry Hanging Method Of Marble Curtain Wall

Mingsheng Yicheng has invested heavily to build a stone dry-hung curtain wall

It has an exclusive visual effect that integrates aesthetics and connotation

The details are full of the brilliance of the craftsman’s inspiration

Make the building three-dimensional and plump, bright and moving

Undaunted by nature, it lasts for a long time