Marble creates a natural atmosphere

Premium gray + minimalist style

In Fuqing

The collision of calm and breakthrough, life and freedom

It inspires the free feelings of the urban aristocracy

Find the most suitable lifestyle for yourself

Yesterday and today, the memories are the same, return to the personal living space, and use high-grade gray combined with leather and marble to create a natural atmosphere.

Classic furniture complements each other, the texture of metal and glass, and the collision of materials bring a delicate sense of prestige.

Project information

The full name of the project 丨Longhu Zhengbang Huxi Original Model Room

Project address丨Fuqing, Fujian

Soft decoration design丨Yuanhe Daqian

Hard decoration design丨Hangzhou Youjing Architectural Decoration Design Co., Ltd

Space area丨162㎡

Party A unit丨Fuzhou Longhu

Special support 丨Liu Ang, Tan Mingming, Ning Li Jiali

Photography team丨Zou Fenghan-4U STUDIO