Marble has been widely used in decoration since ancient times because of its beautiful color, unique luster, beautiful pattern without repetition, stable physical and chemical properties, and easy care.

With the steady improvement of China’s economic strength, the public’s requirements for working and living environments are getting higher and higher, and the use of marble has changed from the original luxurious public buildings to the residences of ordinary people.

The case prepared by EDG Stone today is a set of home decoration cases based on snowflake white, and by the way, it introduces the matters that need to be paid attention to in the processing, installation and other links of marble.

Snowflake white is native to the Carrara mining area in north-central Italy, and the only marble mined here in the world can be called snowflake white, due to the limitation of production and origin.

Statuario white marble blocks


The texture color of snowflake white is mostly black or gray, and a few black with green or yellowish brown, the texture runs through the marble slab and is irregularly distributed.

Snowflake white marble has a soft texture and is prone to fracture at the grain. Snowflake white is a high-end variety of marble due to the limitation of production and production area and is generally used in important places such as lobbies and banquet halls.

Due to its different quality, the decorative effect of the final shape of the snowflake white stone varies greatly, and the price ranges from hundreds to thousands.

Statuario white marble

Therefore, understanding how snowflake white is graded is essential to buy genuine materials and ensure the quality of the project. In general, the price of snowflake white is mainly determined by the following factors:

1. The whiter the background color, the higher the price; (Snowflake white’s top pricing factor)

2. The more distinct the texture, the fewer fine lines, and the more uniform the main grain, the higher the price;

3. The price of no macular and gray spots is higher; The fewer and less obvious the cracks, the higher the price;

4. The price of the board without yin and yang color is higher.

Statuario white marble stone

Usually snowflake white in the stone market according to its quality has the following names:

1. For the gray background color, the stone with the fine grain is generally called fine flower white or Carrara white (see attached picture for details). This kind of stone has a lower price and is more widely used;

2. For the background color is gray-black, there are many lines and networked respectively, it is generally called large flower white or medium flower white (see attached figure for details). This stone is also less expensive;

3. For the background color white, the clear grain is generally called snowflake white. Among them, the main and secondary grains are distinct, the fine lines are less, the main grain is obvious and the width is uniform, generally called special grade snowflake white (see the attached picture for details), the price of this stone is generally above 4000 yuan / m2, therefore, in the general engineering projects rarely used in a large area, generally only in the lobby, banquet hall and other important spaces for local finishing touches.

4. For The background color white is slightly yellowish (commonly known as milk white), and the texture color is lighter and usually with a little yellow or green snowflake white, generally called Calacatta gold or Calacatta white (see attached picture for details). This kind of stone is also the best variety of snowflake white like the special grade snowflake white, and the price is higher;

Statuario white marbles

After the snowflake block is transported from the mine to the factory, it needs to go through:

Block screening→ sawing processing large plates→ rubber refinishing, polishing back mesh, → large plate screening→ computer typesetting for texture effects→ infrared bridge cutting machine processing specification plates→ on-site typesetting confirmation→ edge polishing→ six-sided protective → numbered packaging, etc

Statuario white marble tiles

Other considerations during snowflake processing

Water is used in all aspects of stone processing, and general stone manufacturers will use precipitated circulating water in order to save costs and meet the relevant requirements of environmental protection regulations. The stone chemical preparations used in each link of stone processing will flow into the circulating water (such as stone dye, stone polishing wax, etc.).

These chemicals will not have a noticeable effect on conventional black stone or beige stone. However, snowflake white, a calcareous stone with a snow-white body and soft texture, is very likely to cause irreversible serious pollution.

Therefore, the water used in the processing of snowflake white must be tap water. Snowflake white stone is snow-white throughout, containing countless fine crystal particles, and the surface gloss is extremely high.

Once a fracture occurs, traces of fracture will be seen no matter how it is repaired at the construction site, and if the on-site installation is carried out by wet paste process, the snowflake white very easy to appears alkali at the fracture.

Therefore, after cutting from the block into large slabs, it is necessary to immediately repair and polish and back the net to reduce the chance of breakage during processing and installation.

Snowflake white texture is soft, and the probability of contamination after installation is greater, so snowflake white must be protected on six sides before leaving the factory.