To say that the material that has maintained the limelight in the building materials market in recent years must be marble. It permeates all aspects of people’s lives, whether you are in public or at home, you can see the shadow of marble to some extent. It is becoming more and more popular, and the most intuitive expression is that it has transformed into small pieces of furniture and slowly affected our daily lives. Changing the previous use only in background walls, floors, and countertops, marble has also begun to become the main material for small pieces of furniture.

It is the raw material for vases. White marble with red flowers and green leaves, very elegant.

It is both a candlestick, a lamp holder, and an ornament, a natural work of art.

It can be used as a storage box in the kitchen or in the bathroom to store toiletries.

It seems that there is a shadow of marble in every corner of the home, as if every piece of furniture in the home can add marble elements. This is the most intuitive expression of the popularity of marble, and it is also the result of people’s continuous exploration of the possibilities of marble and the continuous integration of design with daily life.