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  • EDG Stone start to produce and supply marble mosaic tiles 3 years before, especially in Italy, Greece and China white marble materials, custom design orders we supply all the time.

    Marble Mosaic Tiles Productive Process

    As the largest and most experienced fabricator of natural marble and onyx stone mosaic in Shuitou town, EDG offers a wide range of related services and processes, and experienced professionals guide you through every step.

    Slabs Cut Into Small Chips
    Chips Install Via Mosaic Model
    All pieces of chips are finished by our professional workers hanging work

    All pieces of chips are insert into mosaic model pieces by pieces

    Brush Glue And Back Ground Net

    Surface Clean, Layout And Packing
    To Keep mosaic chips strong enough, as a whole pieces
    Each pieces of mosaic tiles must be keep 100% clean before packing

    Project Showcase