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  • EDG Stone has developed special expertise in the marble kitchen countertops & bathroom vanity tops processing of cutting, inlay designs that previously were impossible to achieve to now be possible.

    Marble Bathroom Vanity Tops Productive Process

    As the largest and most experienced fabricator of natural and engineered stone counter-tops, vanity tops in Shuitou town, EDG offers a wide range of related services and processes, and experienced professionals guide you through every step.

    Marble Slabs Cut To Sizes By CAD Drawing

    Edges Processing Works
    Our colleague will mark each pieces of big slabs, by our CAD drawing, the cutting works cut

    For the special natural characteristic of marble stone, it is not strong and
    into sizes via the mark lines only, to make sure all pieces correct.

    hard as granite, the work is much difficult than other stone materials.

    Bathroom Vanity Top Layout Before Packing

    Edge-Processing By Handing Works
    Our QC team will check pieces by pieces, any problems will be closed before packing.

    All works of repair, polishing works are by hands only.

    Project Showcase